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Faith in wireless security system quickly rewarded


Baylight Properties PLC investment in Tag Guard’s wireless security systems was quickly rewarded giving more evidence that wireless systems can be more effective than manned guarding.

Tag Guard’s wireless security systems continue with their strong track record of success in combating crime – thieves attempted but failed to steal materials from Baylight’s construction site in Marlborough, Wiltshire, following the installation of Tag Guard’s TagPatrol, the latest addition to their wireless alarm range.

Following a previous incident when thieves entered the site and stole valuable tools, Baylight’s insurance company recommended Tag Guard and the TagPatrol system was then installed at the Marlborough site.

The TagPatrol system evolved from Tag Guard’s tried and tested TagAlarm range of equipment and was specifically designed to replace mobile security patrols.

Shortly after the new security system had been installed another incident occurred, but this time thieves activated a series of alarms sending signals to Tag Guard’s remote monitoring centre that is manned throughout the year. Keyholders were immediately notified and arrived in time to see the intruders leaving the site but the vehicle details were captured and the police informed.

Richard Lang, Managing Director of Tag Guard, explains, “Site security has always been one of the most troublesome issues facing building and construction companies, never more so in a downturn when minimal margins leave little room for services usually perceived as a ‘necessary evil’.

“Yet the same downturn means that sites have become even more vulnerable to theft with raw materials left lying around that can represent easy – and lucrative – pickings for criminal gangs or just opportunist thieves.

“It’s also worth bearing in mind that mobile security patrols typically last about 10 minutes per visit, which means premises are really only covered between 20 and 40 minutes per night; at all other times they are highly vulnerable to break-in and theft.

“This installation at Baylight’s Marlborough site, as with so many others, has proved that Tag Guard wireless security systems provide more effective security cover – and at much lower cost – than manned guarding or mobile patrols”.

Tag Guard Ltd pioneered the development of wireless security products and is now one of the UK’s leading specialists in wireless systems for buildings and construction sites.