Equipment to Keep Your Construction Site Safe

Keeping Construction sites safe can be a challenging process as they are a natural target for thieves due to the high value of materials, plant machinery and equipment they contain. They also continue to be a target at all stages of construction due to the ever-changing need for different materials, machinery and equipment; offering thieves the incentive to strike again and again and the very nature of sites often works against them. Usually presented on flat, open and accessible ground with a regularly changing workforce; they do not gain the usual level of public awareness and interaction that other places of business naturally receive to help keep them secure and help raise the alarm at the sign of a break-in.

Construction sites, therefore, can be almost impossible to keep safe without employing professional security but just as no two construction sites are the same; the same applies to security companies all of whom will be competing for your business. So which one should you choose to provide the equipment to keep your construction site safe?

The Benefits of Choosing Our Company

We are, a professional security company who strives to understand the individual needs of each construction site we care for; offering them the convenience of being a single point resource providing a range of services to ensure COMPLETE site security and peace of mind against intruders and the damage, loss and inconvenience they can cause.

We Are Wireless Protection Specialists

We offer a range of specialist security equipment to help keep your construction or building site safe. We can control who enters the site, provide surveillance and monitoring systems including fire and other detection systems. Tag Systems offer a one-stop service to deliver a complete range of security, health and safety services and equipment to keep your construction and building site safe.

We Are Professionals at What We Do

You know your construction site will be in safe hands when we tell you we are the firm chosen by companies such as Barratt, Wilmott Dixon and Bovis. From large companies’ right through to small developments including single house builds; we can offer services and equipment to keep your construction site safe, whatever the budget.

Why Our Equipment is Different

Here at, we remove the element of human error as much as possible. Traditional methods of securing a site can quickly fail due to a lack of training, knowledge, ability and sometimes just personality and human frailty! It is not difficult for example, to understand how a worker in their rush to finish quickly and make the most of a sunny evening fails to complete all the necessary security checks leaving the construction site vulnerable to intruders. Neither is it difficult to understand how when working under pressure or in inclement conditions, those responsible for checking and admitting personnel can become lax; inadvertently letting an opportunistic thief onto the site or someone that is looking to scope a construction site to make a large, organised hit.

Here at Tag Systems, we use a wireless monitoring system that provides a unique package of benefits to traditional methods of security. This offers a much more failsafe method of keeping the whole of your construction site and its contents safe 24/7, 365 days of the year, no matter the weather or the staff you employ.

We Offer Modern Equipment

The benefits of our surveillance and monitoring system are many and include: –

  • Proven track record of reliability
  • Wireless installation for ultimate flexibility
  • “Stand alone” operation with no need for fixed line telecommunications/mains power
  • 24 hr/365 day monitoring via our own secure operating centre
  • Health and safety compliant
  • Cost effective single point resource

Our Equipment Won’t Let You Down

The rugged build-quality and flexibility offered by our wireless monitoring system is especially suited to the demands of construction and building sites where hard-wired systems would be just too costly or inappropriate to install.  It is also significantly less costly than paying for mobile patrol teams or static guards who at best can only provide a limited cover of security due to human limitations. CCTV can also be costly to install and cannot be used as prosecuting court evidence unless the footage of intruders is unbroken and clear enough to identify individuals.

Our Systems Ensure You Are Fully Law Compliant

Construction site security is not only vital to deter intruders, prevent theft, and detect vandalism. Developers now have “duty of care” obligations to any juveniles entering their construction site whether or not they have any intention to steal or cause damage. Our wireless systems are being increasingly used by companies who are just as concerned about the health and safety implications of any unauthorised entry, and Tag Systems security helps developers and site owners to monitor and regulate any health and safety issues to fully comply with legal regulations.

Wireless Advantages

The evidence that exists to prove the advantages of wireless security systems is overwhelming. Not only is it a cost-effective monitoring system that reduces the risk of human error operating on a “stand-alone” basis without the need for mains power or fixed line telecommunications; it also means that as much or as little of the site can be covered as needs dictate.

Security at a Distance

The flexibility of a Tag Systems wireless system means that the WHOLE construction site can be kept safe including buildings, outlying areas, materials, tools and equipment including cranes and scaffolding up to 1km apart!

We also offer a bespoke service which can include GPS tagging devices which ensure vehicles on the construction site can be tracked and recovered in the event of theft.

Free, No Obligation Consultation

We have in-depth knowledge of the construction industry and provide a free, no obligation consultation. You can contact our experienced and friendly team at to discuss how our range of professional wireless services can provide your construction site safe, secure and fully HS compliant today.