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Could Your Business Benefit From Facial Recognition Security Systems?

Business security systems have come a long way over recent years. Once the preserve of science fiction, facial recognition technology is now an integral part of security systems in a variety of contexts. Increasingly, businesses are seeing the advantages it can give, helping to bolster security while making access easier for legitimate visitors.

In this article we look at what facial recognition technology is and the benefits it can give your business.

What is facial recognition?

Facial recognition is an intelligent software that uses biometric technology to verify a person’s identity. It does this by taking a close look at an individual’s facial contours, analysing patterns and comparing them to the data it has collected about the individual.

A face is scanned, the image is turned into data and that data is then compared to the information the system has gathered. If a match is found, access will be allowed.

It has a range of potential benefits but is principally used for security purposes. Over recent years the cost of installing facial recognition technology has reduced, making it a viable option for a broader range of business owners.

While it may not be on the radar for every business presently, it’s likely to become a more widely-spread component of business security systems over the coming years.

What can it be used for?

Facial recognition technology has a range of different applications and can be integrated into a variety of hardware and different systems. Increasingly, mobile devices use facial recognition to enable users to gain access while keeping them secure. Banks and other online accounts are now integrating facial recognition as an extra security measure for people to gain access to their accounts and to reduce the risk of fraud.

What are the potential advantages?

While some concerns remain about facial recognition systems, particularly in relation to privacy and data protection, the benefits of facial recognition technology are considerable. These include…

Greater security

Firstly, facial recognition technology adds an extra layer of security to a security system. Access is frequently a weak-spot in a building’s security system, either dependent on human resources to manage access, intercom or keypad access or other types of biometric readers.

Traditional access control systems have a range of drawbacks. They may require users to have keycards which can be lost or stolen. They may struggle to cope during busier periods. Facial recognition overcomes these issues while helping to bolster security overall.

Infection control

Covid-19 has resulted in greater importance being placed on minimising the risk of infection and transmission. Other biometric or keypad systems that require fingerprint touch have a range of disadvantages when it comes to infection control. Facial recognition removes the need for users to touch and handle keypads or biometric sensors, helping to reduce the risk of transmission at traditional higher risk points.


Access via facial recognition is simpler and quicker than other forms of access. It means that people don’t have to carry keycards or tags and they don’t have to worry about remembering keycodes or waiting to be allowed to enter a building via intercom. They can step up to the point where their face will be scanned instantaneously, which should then allow them access. This can speed up the access process and can be particularly useful in manufacturing, construction and other industrial settings where numbers of people come and go at a specific time.

Easy integration

Facial recognition is highly adaptable and can be integrated into a wide range of different platforms. It can be used not only for access control to a building but can also play a part in broader security throughout the business, such as accessing particular applications or sensitive areas of the site. It can be used as part of mobile applications and can be integrated into cloud systems.

Are there any limitations?

As with any technology, facial recognition isn’t without potential drawbacks. There can be issues with the technology when it comes to recognising an individual, perhaps because of the angle of their face or changes to their appearance.

Lower definition cameras are also more likely to make errors, so investment in adequate hardware needs to be considered. In some circumstances, other forms of biometric readers might be more appropriate.

Access control from Tag Systems

At Tag Systems, we are currently investigating the use of facial recognition within our available access control systems due to increased interest from our clients.

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