Cerberus Security and Monitoring & Tag Guard Triumph Again Against Crime

During the final weekend of June 2012, Tag Guard and Cerberus were able to ensure that two separate crimes were prevented and the perpetrators apprehended by police.

On a site in the West Midlands two individuals activated the wireless alarm system in an attempt to steal copper from properties. The Cerberus rapid response team was on site within minutes and immediately found evidence of intruders. They called police and the suspects were apprehended in the process of the burglary. All copper was recovered, and the site left secure.

Another development in Leeds is protected by TagAlarm and a Cerberus static manguard.

During the early hours of 1st July a single intruder decided to attempt to steal a boiler from one of the properties on site. Several TagAlarm indications later and the Tag Guard 24-hour control centre was in direct contact with the static guard. The guard was guided directly to the point of intrusion and immediately found evidence that someone was on site. Police were called and canine units tracked the intruder to one of the properties. The suspect was found inside attempting to disconnect the boiler. An arrest was made and the site left secure.