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CCTV Services: The Complete Package

Looking for the right professional CCTV for commercial and industrial business use can be difficult, as you need systems that are reliable, easy to relocate and are known for their efficiency.

Here at Tag Systems, we pride ourselves on offering pioneering CCTV technology which ensures to either deter or detect any thieves that may go on your premises. 

Let’s take a look through the benefits of our advanced CCTV services and equipment, the complete package you need.

Our CCTV Products, Explained


Our innovative Tagcam is the flagship product of the Tag surveillance fleet.

Here at Tag, we have pioneered the development of wireless CCTV security systems and are also one of the first companies in Europe to use dual data channels on a mobile phone network for easy video transmission, resulting in us receiving two UK government ‘Smart’ awards for innovation.

Since the very beginning, we have remained at the forefront of surveillance equipment development and offer a range of wireless camera solutions, from entirely standalone ‘3G’ systems to networked installations using wireless LAN technology.

The flexibility of being able to tailor a set of equipment specifically for our customer’s needs makes our services a huge advantage compared to our competitors.

We provide our services to a diverse range of clients, including quarries, construction sites and office complexes, but we are waiting for you to be our next. What are you waiting for?

Are you looking to find out more? Carry on reading to find out the continuous benefits of our CCTV services.


TagWatch is an integrated detection and camera system that is battery powered and completely wireless. Perfect for night time surveillance, as well as throughout the day. Making this product an all-round benefit for your business security.

This camera includes infrared LEDs which illuminate in dark areas, allowing the camera to function in any environment. Any short video clips are then sent to the remote monitoring centre, enabling visual verification and alarm activity.

The Process Before Installation

Long before any installation, we undertake an extensive on-site survey, where we can take the time to understand what you want the security systems to achieve and to ensure that when it is commissioned, it will fulfil your requirements in every aspect.

Alongside the benefits of our CCTV, we also make sure that our equipment is fully safe for business use, which is why all projects conform to the necessary British Standards and Codes of Practice and are supported by the company’s own ISO 9001 accreditation.

Why Your Business Needs CCTV To Help Combat Crime

If you have been considering the benefits of installing a CCTV security system, then, it is very easy to see why.

When criminals are caught red-handed, they can provide valuable evidence for prosecutors, because after all, how can you detect the thief if you have no footage?

On top of all the prosecutions they will face, we should also consider that the CCTV cameras help to prevent the crime from happening in the first place, as they are known to be a common deterrent that will keep criminals away.

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