Wireless Intruder Alarm leads to red handed arrest

A large construction company was glad to have chosen the unstoppable team of Tag Guard Systems and Cerberus Security and Monitoring to protect one of their developments in York.

In the early hours of the 28th May, TagAlarm indicated an unauthorised intruder on site. Our distribution partner, Cerberus Security, was informed within seconds by our own 24 hour control room. They despatched a canine response team to site, who arrived within minutes to discover an individual hiding in bushes. The intruders had been making attempts to relieve the site of valuable materials, however their scent betrayed them and they were swiftly interrupted by a 45kg canine. The suspect was hiding in a place that the handler admitted he would never have thought to check but due to the indications of his canine partner the handler immediately called the Police. They arrested the individual who had been held in place by the warnings of the highly trained canine pending their arrival.

The project manager had the following to say:

– “We have used the Tag system since the start of the project in Jan 11. During that time I have been advised on every occasion when an activation of the system has occurred close to the operating times. Outside these close proximity times guards are sent to site to investigate any disturbances.

We have recently had an incident attended to by the on-call guard and with the help of the local Police an arrest was made.

During the current difficult economic times construction sites are being targeted by thieves and it is good to know that we are protected by the right system, and this incident has been proof of this.”