What You Should Know About Watchlock

Padlocks have been around for a while and are helpful tools for keeping things locked and secure. However, with new advances in technology – padlocks can be even more useful than ever.

Watchlock is a new intelligent padlock which is able to communicate with you and send an alarm if someone opens it – informing you of its location. This strong, smart and user friendly padlock is the ultimate tool for intelligent security. Also, it is robust and suitable for outdoors in a wide range of conditions. Tag Systems is proud to be a UK distributor for this product.Watchlock

How Does it Work?

Watchlock is a combination between a high security mechanical lock and a technologically advanced GPS location system. It uses GSM technology in order to provide you with real time information about the location of your padlock. It will send you an email or a text message, notifying you about when the lock is opened and where it is located.

Also, the Watchlock will inform you when any pre-defined event occurs that warrants your attention. You can program it and choose the type of information and alerts that you would like to receive.

The Watchlock is battery powered, so no external power source is required to operate it. Also, it is embedded with a GPS location, which allows you to always know where it is. The lock’s status will be communicated to your phone or email via celluar technology. Whenever the lock is opened, closed, repositioned, moved out of a predefined area or is low on battery, you will receive a notification.

The Advantages of Using Watchlock

So what are the benefits to using this new type of lock technology that is being offered by Tag Systems in the UK? First of all, the lock will provide you with real time information so that you can be immediately notified when something goes wrong or something out of the ordinary happens that requires your attention. You will be able to define the types of alerts that you want to receive and choose which device you want to receive them on – whether you are using your PC, cell phone or tablet.

Another major advantage is that the location tracking on this smart lock has worldwide coverage, so that you will be updated on its whereabouts no matter what. There is support for a wide range of map providers, from Google Maps to Bing to Open Street Maps and more.

Also, the Watchlock is a lot cheaper, simpler and less time consuming than installing more complex security systems – while still offering remote monitoring capabilities. You will even be able to monitor multiple padlocks at the same time, which can be a very useful tool. The web application is designed to be easy to use and customer friendly.

The simple padlock is a thing of the past, now that you are able to use the sophisticated tracking technology of Watchlock to keep a close eye on your security.