Remote Wireless intruder detection

Remote Wireless intruder detection“Tag Guard stood out of the crowd to provide a standalone and self-contained remote wireless intruder detection system.

This interested us because we work in very remote locations, where severe weather and poor network signal create a significant challenge for most systems.

Due to each remote wireless intruder detector being standalone it meant that we did not require a mains power supply and could be flexible with the amount of detectors that we used to cover an area. If one detector went down the others would still operate as normal so we would still have a good area of cover.

The detectors come complete with tripods and are completely portable, we are able to set up the sensors wherever we need them and do not have to worry about how far apart the sensors are from each other (because there is no base station) which makes setting up, taking down and moving the sensors very quick and easy which is key to our operations.

The decision maker for using TAG Guard, apart from the quality of the equipment, has to be the service that is provided from start to finish. A team which include managers and an engineer are sent to deliver, set up and train you on the use of the system followed by exceptional service and attention to detail from the Tag Guard control room and its entire staff. The control room then continue this attention to detail by providing us with detailed daily reports of all activations and the reasons for the activations from liaison with our guards on the ground.

We are very happy with the service that Tag Guard has given us and hope that this will continue into the future.”

– Mat Smith, Operations Support Assistant at Minimal Risk Consultancy Ltd