Proof that wireless security systems are the way forward

Since major building contractor William Davis Ltd switched from manned security guarding to an exclusively wireless-based security system, the savings have been dramatic and crime detection has actually improved.

With the very difficult trading conditions faced by companies in the building and construction sector, cost savings are clearly welcome, wherever they come from. The high cost of manned security guarding at building and construction sites is bound to come under scrutiny but is there a viable alternative? The experience of one major building contractor proves that there is.

Paul Dunning, Security Manager for William Davis Limited, comments, “Up to two years ago we used a mixture of manned guarding and Tag Guard’s wireless security systems across our multiple sites; since then, with the objective of generating savings on our substantial annual security bill, I have put my faith solely in the Tag equipment, with minimal manned guarding.

“The cost savings have been dramatic – by cutting out manned guarding we have reduced our security costs by 50% representing a monetary value that’s well into six figures.

“Perhaps the most revealing outcome is that far from compromising security, by eliminating manned guarding and relying almost exclusively on Tag Guard’s systems, crime detection at our sites has actually improved; we had 6 arrests last year as a direct result of Tag Guard’s security equipment, double the number during the period we had manned guarding in place.

“With an effective equipment-based system I don’t have to keep checking on guard’s that are asleep, watching TV, using the internet or simply not doing their job at all.

“I cannot praise Tag Guard’s wireless systems highly enough – they have delivered major reductions in our security outlay whilst actually improving crime prevention and detection at our sites”.

Tag Guard Ltd pioneered the development of wireless security products and are now one of the UK’s leading specialists in wireless systems for buildings and construction sites.