Going The Extra Mile

The Construction Industry – Wires V’s Wireless Systems

It really cannot be overstated how invaluable wireless systems can be in the world of construction. Wiring creates hazards (from simple trips to deadly fires), is easily damaged and anchors you to a specific location. Navigating these is a challenge even for urban projects where mains power is easily accessible, but for rural and remote projects they become increasingly problematic.

Such were the challenges faced by Nordex at their windfarm in Slieve Callan Ireland and it is this project from which we can credit Tag System’s wireless equipment capabilities.

Covering an enormous area, using conventional wired equipment would have been out the question so we utilised our Hybrid Engine Security Towers. Each tower is equipped with a Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) Camera allowing up to 360o day & night video surveillance, intruder detection equipment and an audio alert unit which creates a live audio link from our control to the site (over 400 miles away!).

In addition, due to the remote location of the site, the towers were modified to include satellite communication dishes and 3G routers in order to maintain a constant level of communication between the units and our control team.

With five of our towers on site we were able to create and complete electronic security perimeter around the site compound, backed up with CCTV, audio interaction and peerless satellite communication. By bringing together our specialist equipment and some innovative solutions we have been able to turn a remote spot of land into a fully protected 24/7 monitored work site.