Foiling Fly Tipping

Across the country Fly-Tipping is causing a problem, a £50 Million problem. Offenders are crafty, mobile and strike without warning making combating the problem extremely difficult. So what is the best way? A visible deterrent is always first choice for most, with static cameras, increased signage and random patrols being seen as the best rapid options.

However, whilst these are often reassuring to communities, they have their faults. Signage is easily ignored, static cameras rely on existing infrastructure and random patrols simply cannot be everywhere at once so for increasingly brazen offenders they are little hindrance.

With this in mind, we’ve developed the Tag Witness, a covert, rapidly deployed wireless camera and detection unit specifically designed to defeat fly-tippers. Built to blend into and survive any environment the two part system is the next step in the battle against nuisance crime. Consisting of a wireless camera supported by an intruder detection scanner, Tag Witness is capable of covertly recording tippers day and night before transmitting its footage to our 24/7 Alarm Response Centre.

With the footage in hand we work with local authorities to ensure convictions and prevent more areas falling victim to them. Fly-Tipping is not only disgusting, it is also extremely dangerous to both people and the environment. Put a permanent stop to it in your area with Tag Witness.