Fighting Fire with Integrated Wireless Solutions

Across the UK and indeed around the world, building fires continue to take thousands of lives and cause untold damage. Construction sites are especially vulnerable to fire, they are hives of heat creating activity surrounded by the fuel that allows fire to burn (timber frames, gas canisters, electrical wiring). Our wireless fire systems are designed specifically to combat these threats and it is with great delight that we are able to announce some recent successes in our fight against fire.

We have previously written a case study on our fire system being utilised by Carrillion plc on their construction of the new Royal Liverpool University Hospital. At 250 detectors and 40 alarm sounders it is one of (if not the) largest temporary fire system in Europe, protecting around 800 workers at any one time. Since we began operating on site we have now overseen two successful full site evacuations in response to fires. The latest incident is of particular note as our equipment detected the fire and alerted our control team before it was noticed by the staff on site. Our equipment allowed us to remotely pinpoint the location of the fire which meant that staff could be evacuated and the fire brought under control almost as soon as it had ignited.

But it is not just our specialist fire equipment that is protecting lives from deadly fires. On one of our sites with Leon Build we received an alarm from one of our intruder detection devices. When we checked the onsite cameras, we discovered that the detector had been set off by the smoke of a small fire. With this discovery we were able to alert the relevant authorities before it could take hold. This was a particularly fantastic result with our kit working above and beyond its expectations.