Detection and Response within 5 minutes

Three years ago A & E Services approached Tag Guard and asked us to meet with their client to discuss our wireless security solution. The reason for the meeting was that Aspen Medical is split between two units with a central delivery and despatch area between the production and the warehouse. They were experiencing trespassers and although they had a system, there had never been any activations and therefore they challenged if in fact it was working. Within the production departments they have temperature controlled rooms and it was critical that these were not breached or contaminated at any point, as it would lead to huge loss in production and major disruption.

We surveyed the site and it was clear that the perimeter protection provided by others was being impeded by shrubbery and therefore they had no cover. Tag Guard were given the contract for a 12 month period when it would then be reviewed.

During the first 3 months, we were able to go back to Aspen Medical and tell them that their cleaner was arriving before 5.30 in the morning and that their bread was delivered between 4.15 and 4.30. Something which they found amusing, but which had never been picked up by their other system.

When I met with Jim and Mike after the break in they informed us that it had allowed them to look at their controller measures and take the appropriate actions.

  1. Preventive measures – Controls aimed at preventing an event from occurring.
  2. Detective measures – Controls aimed at detecting or discovering unwanted events.
  3. Corrective measures – Controls aimed at correcting and rectifying the systems where needed.

We have been given the green light to now increase the security to include CCTV for visual verification, which was the only request from the Police to potentially identify the culprits.

“TAG Guard along with A & E Services, have supplied a fantastic service to Aspen Medical for over three Years. Always reliable, and dependable in securing and monitoring Aspen Surgicals’ requirements of our ‘out of hour’ Security of the property. The combination of wireless motion detection, audible alarms and local manned Guards, the system was tested recently, when on Thursday 27th September the property was broken into. With internal sensors setting off the on-site Claxon and TAG Guard notifying A & E Services, the property was secured within approximately 5 minutes of internal activation. This action significantly minimised the potential damage / loss of equipment. We are now in the process of improving the system further with the addition of CCTV.”

– Jim Mckinley, Production Manager, Aspen Medical Europe