Copper Cable & Diesel Thieves Stopped in their Tracks

In 2014, Tag Systems entered a permanent hire contract with a highly- respected utility sector client who was suffering from multiple break-ins to their site.

The thieves helped themselves to any copper cable or diesel they could find, on a regular basis and the client understood that they needed a comprehensive system to change this occurrence. 

Reports from the time show that around 7,000 calls were made to the police each month in correlation with metal theft, so this was clearly a significant issue within the UK. 

The site itself was very large and had multiple entrances with heavy foliage which made it such an encouraging target for any criminals. 

When discussing the proposed plans, Tag realized this was going to be one of their most complex contracts to date due to it being a 24/7 365 working facility. However, after careful planning and consideration of the site dimensions, Tag Systems were able to supply the security system for the job.

The system chosen included CCTV, motion detectors, audio alert challenge units and guarding callout’s including out of hours protocols. This combination of Tag Systems up-to-date security technology resulted in a huge decrease in break-ins.

Further-more detection of any break-ins that did occur was instantly picked up at Tag’s 24/7 Control Centre where they could be dealt with accordingly by sending a guard to the site or informing the police. 

This contract demanded a lot from Tag System, and it was delivered with success. Even the engineers were specifically trained to work on the highly hazardous site, but this just proves the lengths Tag Systems are willing to go for their clients. As a result, this particular contract is still ongoing today.