Compound Security Packages Protect Against Catalytic Converter Theft

According to a recent BBC investigation, catalytic converter theft from motor vehicles has more than doubled over the last three years – becoming a very significant problem. There have been nearly 25,000 thefts that have been reported to the police across the UK between 2010 and the first half of this year. The thefts have more than tripled in the areas of Greater Manchester, Cheshire and Leicestershire.

Trucks in Compound

A catalytic converter is the part of the vehicle which reduces poisonous gases from the exhaust system of the vehicle. Thieves have been stealing the catalytic converters because they contain precious metals such as palladium and platinum. The global price of platinum has recently been on the rise, which has fuelled this illegal trade. Not only do motorists have to replace these important car parts, they also face repair bills that can add up to thousands of pounds.

So how can a quick and reliable solution be installed for the protection of a site where lorries and other vehicles are kept – which can detect any authorised or unauthorised entrants 24/7 while also maintaining controlled costs? The Compound Security Packages which are offered by Tag Systems offer the answer.

How Does the Compound Security Package Work?

So what exactly do the security systems offered by Tag Systems entail? First of all, they will install CCTV which will act as a deterrent for theft and will record anything that happens on the site 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Also included, a 24/7 intruder detection system which can be extended or re-positioned as required. The cost of the complete system covers the supply, installation & commissioning and regular servicing.

The cameras can be installed anywhere on the compound, including at all of the entrances if necessary. The images that the cameras capture will be recorded to a DVR, which will provide a full record of all that has occurred on the site. These images will be time and date stamped and will include a water mark – which will make them acceptable as evidence in any future court case.

Also, the live images will be displayed on a 19” colour monitor that can be located in the office of the site manager. The system will also allow viewing on a smart phone, if broadband is available on site.

Advantages of the Product

One of the main advantages of using this product from Tag Systems is the fact that it is proven to be reliable and has a rugged build quality that can stand up to anything. Even though this security solution is more flexible and effective, it is less expensive than using manned guarding. The cameras are connected to a security centre manned 24/7 by highly trained and dedicated staff.

The high tech cameras have a “Day or Night” function which allows them to optimise their sensitivity to adapt to both day and night conditions. Also, the cameras themselves have an integrated 64 GB solid state storage, which can hold approximately 14 days of footage.

If you are looking for a practical and effective security solution to prevent the theft of catalytic converters, a compound security package from Tag Systems might be the answer to all of your security needs.