Vacant Property Security

The Big Problems with Vacant Properties

In the aftermath of the economic crisis, many security executives are dealing with a major problem – what to do with the vacant properties that many companies own. If your company owns a vacant location (otherwise known as a “dark” property), this property can be a tempting target for crime-related activities as well as creating high repair and maintenance costs.

It is important for security executives in the UK to understand the risks that a dark property has to offer. If you choose to neglect and ignore these properties and leave them vacant for long periods of time, they will become targets for crime; theft and vandalism. When you protect the value of the property, it will allow you to develop and/or sell these properties at a much faster rate. By working together with the local community you can improve the value of your property and the lives of local residents too.

What are the Negative Impacts of Vacant Properties?

When there are vacant properties in a neighbourhood they can cause a number of issues. Here are some of the most common problems that they can cause:

  • Copper theft. Criminals will brutally strip the copper from a building and sell it at scrap yards so that they can make quick cash. It is then shipped to developing nations such as India, China and South Korea where it is in high demand.
  • Arson – Vacant properties can become targets for arsonists, especially if there are flammable materials lying around. A fire can not only destroy the property, but also put lives in danger, especially if it spreads to other nearby occupied buildings.
  • Repair costs – A vacant property that is broken into will result in excessive costs for the damage caused during the break in, as well as any other damage that the intruder causes.
  • Graffiti – This can be another expense, because if your building is tagged with graffiti it can be difficult and expensive to cover it up or clean it off.
  • Squatting – If intruders can gain access to your building, they can continue to live there – causing further damage to the building.
  • Water Damage – When the property is unoccupied no one will notice when a leak occurs, which means that a lot of damage can be done before the flooding is stopped.
  • Liability – What if someone enters your vacant property and hurts themselves? If they make a claim against you, will you be liable? The resulting legal proceedings can be expensive.

As you can see, there are many reasons why you should consider security solutions for these dark properties.

These are just a few of the negative impacts of leaving your vacant properties unsecured. These problems can cost you hundreds or even thousands of pounds, which many businesses cannot spare in these difficult economic times. Why let these costly problems occur, when there is a high quality solution that will eliminate these risks?

Security Solutions for Vacant Properties

A company such as Tag Systems can offer professional vacant property security in order to combat these issues. They can help you by providing a security resource that will cover fire protection, intruders and routine property checks. By using a service such as this, your company can look forward to reduced insurance premiums.

Tag Systems offers wireless security systems, which are a cost effective solution compared to security patrols or manned guarding. These wireless systems do not require any power supplies or cabling, so they are well suited for buildings that are unoccupied and may have already had their power deactivated. Essentially, the security system is designed to stand alone, without any need for fixed line telecommunications or mains power.

These types of systems are very easy to set up and install and they are portable, so that they can be repositioned at different points around the property and moved on to other premises. They can also be combined with hard-wired fire alarms, so that they offer additional internal and external security. Alarm and camera systems can be linked together for improved protection too and there is an option for 24 hour remote monitoring services.

These types of systems are designed with the specific needs of vacant properties in mind. All of the hassles, problems and risks that are involved with leaving a property “dark” can be avoided with this type of system. Vandals and trespassers will be caught in the act and any flooding or environmental damage can be spotted before it causes a serious problem. With this type of security technology, a business will not have to worry about their vacant properties causing them major headaches!