Big Hairy Challenge Feature

Big Hairy Challenge for the British Heart Foundation

Big Hairy ChallengeWe had a fun filled day in the offices recently when one of our team from the accounts department completed a fund raising project to raise money for the British Heart Foundation. Following on from a successful raffle in March which raised £450 Nathan Farquhar had a Big Hairy Challenge haircut being transformed from hairy caveman to a smart and respectable young man.

Another draw on the day of the haircut which has seen a few internal winners as well as some external ones with some fabulous prizes including a Jack Daniels Tower, Pimms Pitcher and Champagne and Biscuits helped to raise another £250 bringing the total to £700 so far so well done Nathan and all involved.

The Big Hairy Challenge

Nathan and team will also be doing a walk of Mam Tor and if you’re not sure what that is take a look below to see what a challenge this is going to be, hopefully the team will raise even more and push the total over the £1000 which would be great. To see more pictures visit our gallery on our Facebook Page here.

Mam Tor

Thank you to everyone who got involved and donated money, prizes and time, it means a lot to Nathan and the British Heart foundation.

You can find Nathans Just Giving page here if you would like to donate: