Access Control


Reduce Theft

Our turnstiles are specifically designed to prevent theft and/or unlawful entry at construction sites.

Track Employees/Visitors

Providing extensive time sheet analysis, instant muster reports, management reporting.

Control Access Remotely

With one access control system managing all aspects, you actually can be everywhere at once!

Built to Last

TagAccess is our suite of access control systems and the starting point for your full Site Security and Health & Safety management.

All systems can be modified to your specific needs with secure access options including bio-metric controls (finger print, palm and retinal scanners), swipe cards or fobs. Via our unique interlinked systems, multiple entry points can be managed on each site from one location, allowing for capabilities including zoned access (ideal for sub-contractors) and swift site evacuation.

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Full Height Solutions

From the intelligent corporate security designs of our optical and acrylic turnstiles to the demanding maximum security construction of our single and tandem turnstiles, our line of full height turnstiles will exceed your expectations.

Waist High Solutions

When crowd control and security are required, you will find that our outstanding lines of waist high and optical turnstiles will provide the perfect solution. We can provide 3 and 4 arm turnstiles, along with optical styles to suit any application.

Gate Solutions

Tag Systems offers a wide range of gate solutions that will control traffic flow and reduce potential theft. From our cost efficient mechanical self closing gate to our fully motorized, intelligent 2 way auto gate we have a solution that will meet your needs.

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Smart Access Control Systems & User Management

We utilise our cloud based central platform for construction access control, which enables us to boast fully integrated and construction-tailored filtering and reporting. Get what you need quickly, easily and without the hassle manual data gathering incurs. Want to know more? Read all about it in our latest flip book below….Construction Sites, we’ve got you covered. Our Access Control Systems can also be set-up to provide extensive time sheet analysis, instant muster reports, management reporting and environmental management monitoring. With one access control system managing all these aspects for you across your sites, you actually can be everywhere at once!