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In the technology based society we live in today, traditional authentication methods are gradually becoming obsolete. Biometric authentication is becoming more widely used, taking over the need for passwords or ID card authentication due to the numerous advantages this has. Let’s examine the advantages within this new technology. Biometrics focuses on ‘who you are’ as opposed to ID cards or passwords that are ‘what you have’ or ‘what you know’.

The main benefit of Biometrics is the uniqueness in that people possess unique physiological features and everyone’s fingerprint is unique, these cant be as easily replicated as ID cards or password-style authentication. Occasionally the ability to accurately identify someone can change through age, environment, age or skin integrity related issues, but through using multimodal biometric identification, these factors can be eliminated.

Modern biometric identification systems are comprised of hardware and software that are easy to setup and install. This reduces the need for intensive training and ongoing management costs. Biometric technology can also save other costs such as the issuance of ID cards, and replacing lost or damaged cards. Biometric readers also eliminate the costs and IT resource draining by eliminating the need to reset passwords or combat a possible security breach from a stolen password.

Biometric readers:

Establish accountability: Biometric identification systems establish a concrete audit trail to help create accountability. Each and every action or transaction will be recorded and this is clearly documented to reduce the possibility of misuse or fraud.

Adds convenience: Biometric technology makes individual authentication convenient without the need to carry around ID cards or remember passwords. The fact that passwords can be forgotten or easily guessed, and ID cards can be lost or stolen, biometrics are more convenient because these physiological features are unique.

Improved return on investment: Biometric authentication offers enhanced security, accountability and a reduction in misuse. In comparison with tradition forms of authentication that rely on passwords, ID cards or Personal Identification Numbers, the ROI is much higher with biometric systems.

Seamless Integration: Biometric Identification can be integrated with workforce time and attendance systems, access control, surveillance and visitor management solutions. All managed through a single computer. Biometrics offers centralised control for all security administration.