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Trackside Pod – Tool Storage, Workspace, Biometrics & More

Security is of paramount concern for any business. But in the construction and infrastructure industries, which are disproportionally targeted by criminals, it’s especially so. To combat the threat of crime, TAG Systems provide a host of technological countermeasures. The latest of these is the Trackside Pod: a self-sufficient, secure container which can be used as a workspace or storage solution.. Designed originally to support rail improvements the Pod offers a wide array of workflow management and security features capable of supporting any project. Let’s examine them.

Tool storage

Construction sites are so vulnerable to crime largely because they contain lots of high-value and portable tools, which can be easily stolen if they’re not appropriately secured. That’s where the Trackside Pod can be extremely helpful; it provides a secure storage facility for your tools, meaning that you won’t need to relocate them to an offsite location at the end of each day. The Pod provides an enclosure that’s extremely resistant to tampering, and thus you’ll be able to use it to store valuable tools with confidence.

Secure Workspace

If you’re working in a remote location, then the Pod can serve capably as a secure, protected workspace, with a built in workflow management capabilities as well as the tool storage. In addition welfare facilities such as lockers and first aid points can be added to support your team.


Biometrics have long been the stuff of science fiction when it comes to security. But they’re now affordable enough that even smaller businesses can make use of them. The term refers to any technique which measures something about a person’s biology – typically something distinctive, like a fingerprint.

This technique holds several advantages over traditional mechanical lock-and-key. Firstly, it’s more secure. An intruder will have far greater difficulty replicating a fingerprint or other biological identifier than they will stealing a traditional key. Moreover, you won’t need to worry about staff handing in their keys when their work is done – you’ll just need to remove the relevant entry from the list of approved fingerprints.

As well as providing electronic access control, it creates a paper trail whenever unlock and lock events occur. This helps support timekeeping records and means that you’ll be able to assign responsibility and investigate more thoroughly when problems do occur.

Finally, biometrics save money on having keys cut. On a construction site, where a myriad of specialist staff need to be drafted in at various stages of the project this can often become a large expense. In order to be truly secure, you’ll need to change a mechanical lock several dozen times over the course of a project. Biometrics make this expenditure unnecessary.


Since construction projects are temporary ones, it makes sense for hardware to be moved to a new site after the project is finished. That’s why the Pod has been designed with portability in mind. Over the course of its lifespan, it might be used on hundreds of different sites, and provide all of the same great security features on each of them. By making relocation as swift and easy as possible, you’ll be able to make transitioning from one site to another hassle-free.

RFID management

Radio Frequency Identification works using a small electronic chip, which provides each item of equipment with a unique identifying code, much like a barcode. This is a system which has worked wonderfully in the world of household pets, where small implants now act as a replacement for the traditional nametag-bearing collar.

The key aim of this technology is to provide a swift notification if any tools are not returned when work is completed. If tools are missing from a rail project, the line cannot be reopened until they are located costing tens of thousands of pounds. With RFID tracking missing tools can be traced directly to their user and with the built in workflow management software their area of work can be swiftly narrowed down, making tools easier to find.

RFID also makes it easy to identify stolen tools, and return them swiftly to their original owners. This technology makes it more difficult for thieves to profit from targeting the container, and can therefore effectively deter crime before it’s even attempted. A RFID scanning facility, such as the one built into the Pod, will help to ensure that your site is protected against stolen goods.

Workflow management

As well as boosting your site’s security, this device will also help to improve productivity with built-in workflow management software. As a worker logs into the Pod using their biometric access, their specific work for the day and necessary tools and objectives are displayed on an internal monitor.

This software helps to ensure that the project is unfolding in the most efficient manner, keeping wasted time to a minimum, and ensuring that the time you and your workforce are spending gains the largest possible return in terms of results.

Motion-activated cameras

The pod can be upgraded to include exterior cameras, which provide surveillance of the immediately vicinity. This allows one to easily identify would-be attackers, and secure a successful prosecution after the event has occurred. Along with the electronic access control system, CCTV also provides another means of establishing who has accessed the pod at any given time. If any high-value tools have been misplaced, the evidence provided by CCTV can be invaluable in tracking them down.

The security cameras mounted to the exterior of the pod come with motion-sensors, and will activate only when motion occurs. This makes it far easier to trawl through CCTV records in search of relevant footage. It also helps to minimise the power consumption of the Pod, ensuring that you’re spending money on electricity only when it’s necessary to do so.


No two construction projects are ever quite the same. In order to reflect this, the Trackside Pod can be tailored specifically to the needs of a given site. The capability of the Pod can be expanded with additional hardware on request. For example, you might integrate your pod into a hybrid tower, which can be used to survey a wider area around the Pod or add on Satellite Broadband to connect your project to the rest of the world.

In conclusion

As we’ve seen, the Trackside Pod boasts every technological feature you could wish for when it comes to site security, and can be easily expanded to offer even more. If you’re looking for an easy-to-use, portable and self-contained storage and work space for your site, then look no further!

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