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BBC Researchers Expose Security Guard Scandal

Man-guarding vs Wireless Security Solutions

Ask yourself these questions!

  • Are you responsible for your site security?
  • Are your guards trained and qualified
  • Have you made the right choice?

No Security in Action

  • Or is it a case of No Security In Action?

As recently televised and documented by the BBC – a scandal has emerged regarding bogus SIA Licensing of Man Guards.
An undercover BBC researcher found that colleges were helping students cheat the exam, in some cases reading the answers out to the questions. The BBC investigator found a number of providers offering qualifications for SIA Licences in return for money and not as payment of the course.

Keith Vaz MP called it “a major scandal” and “one of the most shocking things I’ve seen in all the years I’ve chaired the Home Affairs Select Committee”. Mr Vaz MP vowed to raise the issue with the home secretary at the next Home Affairs Select Committee. He said: “I’m horrified. We’re talking about a major scandal in Britain’s security industry. “The Home Office needs to act extremely urgently.”

Zero Tolerance‘Zero tolerance attitude’ A spokesman for the SIA, which reports to the Home Office, said: “We take allegations of training malpractice seriously.

“When the BBC shares the information it is holding on training malpractice, we will take immediate action against the licensed individuals concerned in order to protect public safety.”

The reaction to the BBC’s unravelling of the extent of this issue has led to some surprise and even shocked tweets on Twitter. There is a consensus amongst tweeters that this level of fraud is detracting from the industry and needs to be addressed quickly.


Fraudulent use of the licence carries a jail term of 6 months – a former SIA employee said thousands of people are working illegally in UK in this industry due to scrupulous companies not following correct procedure.  The SIA have promised to modernise and improve the licensing measures but, this is well behind schedule as the following extract from their website “Whats’ Happening to the SIA?2013 date shows.

“At the moment it’s business as usual. The consultation document makes it clear that changes to the regulator will be the subject of a separate consultation at a later stage.  We will continue to raise standards, combat criminality within the industry and work to keep the public safe. The Home Office and the SIA are currently working together to put in place a regime for business regulation by the end of 2013, as the first part of a phased transition for reform.

Security and QualityAs the person responsible for site security you will know the cost of getting it wrong! Don’t be misled, simply ask yourself whether is it likely that the full cost involved of employment can really be met by the hourly rate you’re paying?

  • Uniform
  • Insurance
  • Welfare
  • Regular check calls
  • Site Induction
  • Risk Assessment & Method Statements

If not, then you may not be getting the quality security you need

However, there is a cost-effective alternative to man-guarding which can be provided by Tag Systems that will eliminate any concerns you have over whether or not your security is fit for purpose.

With Tag Systems security solutions not only will the site be monitored 24/7, but so can your guard.

  • Insurances and efficacy will be checked
  • Performance monitoring will be undertaken and detected by the security equipment
  • Are you responsible for your site security, if so consider your options?

Twenty Four SevenLet Tag Systems Monitor, Detect and Minimise the Threat!

Why not present us with your challenge, take up the most cost-effective solution to the security threats you face in a simple one-stop shop package.  Prices quoted include equipment, installation, monitoring and response to your site.

All our equipment is wireless and therefore offers quick rapid deployment when you need it most.  Our solution to your problem is
the very latest in technology-driven devices …… giving you complete peace of mind.

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