Security Products

For more than 20 years Tag Systems has pioneered the development of security products that cover every aspect of protection, from intruder detection through to full fire safety packages.

Our systems have a proven track record of success, are quick and simple to install and will deliver major savings on your security expenditure. The absence of cabling makes our wireless security solutions simple to re-position as sites develop and change. Are you in need of a specific security product or do you need a layered approach to keep your whole site safe and secure? We have the answer.

Our security products include:

Intruder Detection

Our security products were designed specifically for providing security for building and construction sites, empty property, and a wide range of utility and commercial sites.  Most of these will be unattended for significant periods making them easy targets for criminals. We can detect when and where your premises are entered and where people go; and we monitor all this remotely. Alarm response is arranged with top quality security guarding and keyholding companies and we can also call on police for verified alarms.

The system will be maintained by us under a monthly contract so you get a total service.  Capable of operating without cabling or telephone lines the systems are quick to install and easy to re-configure. We have a wide range of detection devices allowing the most suitable selection to be made.

Surprisingly the costs are very low starting from as little as £50 per week.  Of course, as your site grows the system is easily extendable but you only pay for what you need.

For short to medium term applications there is no better or more cost effective solution to 24/7 intruder detection.

Surveillance Security

Protection of perimeters on many sites is the first level of security. Naturally we have a comprehensive range of security products to meet every eventuality so that dark corners and wide open spaces are covered. Physical fences are necessary to indicate boundaries; but inside these fences an invisible IR ‘fence’ will detect an intruder long before he has got far enough to cause damage. It will also act as a 2nd line to deal with the site owner’s duty of care to 3rd parties – even if they are trespassing.

Tag Systems has the best available range of detection that will minimise unwanted alarm activity whilst raising immediate alerts when needed. Specially developed long range active IR beams and different PIR detectors can also be linked to Tag Systems cameras to pin point the intrusion and direct cameras to the exact location.

Wireless Camera Surveillance (CCTV)

Tag Systems pioneered the development of wireless security products and was one of the first companies in Europe to use dual data channels on the mobile phone network for video transmission resulting in two UK government ‘Smart’ awards for innovation.

We have kept at the forefront of developments and offer a range of wireless camera solutions from entirely standalone “3G” systems to networked installations using wireless LAN technology.  The flexibility of being able to tailor a set of equipment specifically to our customer’s needs is a huge advantage.

A unique benefit is the integration with our wireless alarm systems enabling a camera to point more or less instantaneously to the location of an alarm.  This targeted action improves the prospects of identifying where and who the intruder is.

The deterrent effect of cameras is widely recognised.  With the high level of professionalism and low costs associated with our wireless cameras this deterrent is now widely accessible to our customers at short notice.

Our systems are monitored at Tag Systems own ARC.

Fire Alarm Systems


Timber frame construction has been booming in recent years.  During the build phase these projects are especially vulnerable to fire.  Our systems conform to the JCOP (Joint Code of Practise) produced by the FPA (Fire Protection Association) for the industry, which sets the standards required.

Raising the alarm when a fire occurs enables emergency services to be called out to buildings in the shortest possible time.  But, there is another threat that is even more significant.  People must be alerted and evacuated.  Tag Systems solutions can be monitored centrally – a key requirement of tougher codes of practise – whilst also raising a series of local alarms throughout premises.

Detection is via best-of-breed smoke and heat rise sensors linked via the same wireless backbone as the renowned Tag Systems alarms security alarms systems to the Tag Systems ARC.

Tag Systems fire alarm systems make it easy to relocate the klaxons and detectors as work progresses.

The fire alarm range offers three levels of protection:

  1. Wireless smoke detectors providing a base level of fire detection
  2. Detection and evacuation warning system for site personnel, this includes break-glass units and klaxons for localised audible warnings
  3. The ‘maximum’ level this includes all our core fire alarm products but with the addition of a ‘Master Blaster’ siren for evacuation of the whole site

Access Control

Part of the ‘total solutions’ approach to security has lead Tag Systems to offer access control systems. This is one area of our security products that has been heavily developed in the past five years. Access control is a layer of security that ensures individuals are entering the site and sees them as that, rather than just a number. It is a single unit delivered to site fully installed and ready to go. Similar to a standard site office it is delivered off a lorry and is specially constructed to contain a turnstile, together with a route for tool boxes, access control systems and an office for security management and H&S inductions for site visitors. It is a complete package to ensure you can control access to a buys site.